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THANK YOU for visiting the Still Waters Ministries web pages.    

Still Waters Ministries is a no-fee community counseling
ministry. All services and any corresponding costs
are covered by private donations. There are no costs or fees charged to our clients.

While Still Waters Ministries is a church-based counseling service, we are eager to serve anyone, regardless of church
or religious affiliation.  All services offered are consistent with the spiritual and ethical standards of the Christian
faith.   All sessions and all calls are confidential.

Conveniently located at Conestoga Mennonite Church in Morgantown, Pennsylvania, Still Waters Ministries is  a
community-focused, church-based counseling center with a commitment to excellence and sensitivity to the needs
of all persons in need of quality care.

Perhaps you have stopped by our web site because you may have an important personal need in your life, and you
have come to find out how the Still Waters Ministries might be helpful to you or to someone you care about.    

Regardless of your reasons for your online visit today, we are glad you are here, and we hope we can answer some
of the important questions you have about the ways you could benefit from the professional care available at Still
Waters Ministries.  

Sign Language Certified Counselor Available

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